libblkio - block device I/O library

Build high-performance storage applications quickly.

libblkio provides an API for efficiently accessing block devices using modern high-performance block I/O interfaces like Linux io_uring. Using libbklio reduces the amount of code needed for interfacing with storage devices and lets you focus on your application.

Here are some of the major features:

  • Drivers: Linux io_uring, NVMe (io_uring cmd), virtio-blk (vhost-user, vhost-vdpa, and VFIO PCI)

  • Multi-queue device support.

  • Blocking, event-driven, and polling APIs to fit your application architecture.

  • Low overhead comparable to custom code.

  • C API accessible from most programming languages.

  • Native Rust API for idiomatic code (experimental).

This library is licensed under either the MIT or Apache 2.0 license at your option.